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“Weighing In” on the Modeling Industry



Disclaimer: This is a hot debate topic. These are my own personal views, I’m not saying I’m right, I’m just saying this is how I feel about it. You are certainly free to disagree.

Note: When I refer to models, I am mainly speaking about high fashion runway models.

In recent years, the modeling industry has been criticized for assorted, numerous reasons. Models being too young, agencies encouraging eating disorders, too much airbrushing on photos, etc. Many companies now are making a point of featuring “real women” (whatever that’s supposed to mean) while those that don’t follow this trend have to basically act completely ignorant or open themselves up to criticism if they share views that are not the popular “all models should be a size 12-14 because that’s the average American female.”

Now here’s one of my unpopular opinions, I think image-wise, the modeling industry is in great shape. I think Isaac Mizrahi summed it up pretty well in a 2013 Huffington Post interview.

“…the girls are encouraged to be thin, but I don’t think they’re encouraged to look like drug addicts anymore.” [¹]

I can’t remember the last time I saw a model that looked unhealthy. I really can’t. I think it’s ironic that the people who are complaining about models “looking bulimic” (when they probably are not) are the ones who need to be enlightened regarding different body types.

I’d like to make a few points:

– Fashion is a business-based-business. What I mean by that is, designers are artists. SUCCESSFUL designers are business-people. They have a product to sell, they’ll sell it the best way they know how.

– Designers are not made of money. They work unbelievably hard to be successful and what they make goes right back into their company. It’s just not practical to make sample sizes up to size 10 let alone 12-14!

– There’s a lot more… insurance in using a model that’s 5’10” and 34-24-34. Nothing’s ever certain but you can expect that this model has a really good metabolism and she won’t gain or lose enough weight to cause any problems with fit.

Models are not all size 0! That is a huge huge misconception. Best I know, most models are around a size 4.

– My personal opinion is that these rigid standards keep the modeling world small… well, relative to what it would be if there weren’t any physical standards. And it would just be even harder for models to get work.

– The modeling world is weird. Don’t try to compare it to the real world or even to Hollywood, you’ll make yourself crazy. Once you acknowledge that the modeling world and the real world just value different traits and are completely separate, you won’t care so much. I mean, I’m five feet tall. I don’t exist in the modeling world. That doesn’t bother me.

Now, that’s not to say that I don’t think there are certain standards that should be in place to ensure that models are safe and healthy. Because I do.

– Models under the age of 18 should be thoroughly educated on health and have healthy habits drilled into their brains.

– Models under the age of 18 should not be allowed to work if it could be detrimental to their physical or mental health.

-Models under the age of 18 should always have some sort of guardian present when working.

– There should be resources for models who’s careers have come/are coming to an end. They should have help making that career transition.

So those are my thoughts and feelings on the modeling industry and some of the controversies surrounding it. Feel free to weigh in!



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  1. 02/09/2014 8:07 PM

    Very interesting post!

    Heidi D.


  2. 02/09/2014 9:02 PM

    This are points to think!!
    Kisses Paola


  3. 03/09/2014 12:00 AM

    What a thoughtful post! I loved reading your opinions!



  4. 03/09/2014 1:13 AM

    Great post! I agree with you 100%! Happy to have found your blog!


  5. 03/09/2014 5:38 AM

    Up to Some point i agree with you. Nonetheless i think the fashion world should pay more attention the real world and acknowledge different bodytips!


  6. giusy's life permalink
    03/09/2014 8:58 AM

    Good post dear!
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  7. 03/09/2014 9:01 AM

    nice post! i totally agree!




  8. mademoiselle mode permalink
    03/09/2014 9:37 AM

    Great post post 🙂



  9. 03/09/2014 9:55 AM

    Well I don’t know if I agree. I can see unhealthy looking models all the time but I don’t think eating disorders are a “model” problem. Many people have them and on the other hand no one is forced to be a model.

    xx Mira


  10. 03/09/2014 10:18 AM

    Great post dear!
    Have a great day ❤
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  11. Rafaela permalink
    03/09/2014 12:12 PM

    Nice post, love your texts!


  12. 03/09/2014 1:26 PM

    Nice post!
    I follow you…


  13. 03/09/2014 3:08 PM

    Great post!


  14. 03/09/2014 3:31 PM

    Food for thought! Really thought provoking too! Thanks for sharing!


  15. 03/09/2014 4:20 PM

    Great post and topic for talking. In my view, fashion is a business like anything else so they try their models to looks the best, because also their creations look the best on them. So they´re not skinny, but fat either.
    Thanks for your comment.
    Fashion Happenss


  16. 03/09/2014 5:31 PM

    Great thoughts.


  17. 03/09/2014 5:32 PM

    I agree with you in regard to the fashion/model industry being better than it ever has. I feel a lot of people in the industry are doing there best to bring forward positive images. But it remains far from the truth.

    I disagree with you, in regard to the comment that Isaac made. Isaac is doing what he does, in the showroom designing clothing. He isn’t at the scout/modeling agency when the models are being spoken to.

    I also disagree in regard to designers making clothing in larger sizes for the runway. Established designers have the backing and/or funds to make larger sizes. That being said, I don’t want to see a 12-14 on the high-end fashion runway. I don’t want to be distracted from looking at the clothing. If a model would be that size, I’d be more likely to be watching for her bottom be moving, if her stomach was projecting out and if her arms were flapping all over the place. Is every size 12-14 made out of jello, NO.

    Also, not sure about your experience but I went to three shows last season. From back in the 4th row, the models did not look like size 4. I’m a size 4. I’m 5’11, 34D chest, 26inch waist, 35inch hips and I wear a size 4. The models are much tinnier than me, even the ones that only come in at 5’9 or 5’10. Maybe the shows you went to, the designers used larger models. (larger relatively speaking).

    Lastly, to once again touch base on the industry as a whole doing better, I still think there’s a dark side to it. As we all know, there is plenty of air brushing going on. It’s said because even grown woman fall in to this whole. As an old lady at the age of 32yrs old, I hear them talking. Though they know what’s going on in the magazines, they still have a hard time looking at their own bodies in the mirror. If grown woman are like this, how do we expect your girls to deal. Heck, I saw these issues when the girls with the good bodies got hit with the freshman 15………….not good.

    Thank you for letting me write my opinion.


  18. 03/09/2014 5:44 PM

    A very interesting post !!
    Totally agree !!



  19. 03/09/2014 7:09 PM

    Great post! kisses!


  20. 03/09/2014 7:46 PM

    What you are ponting out is very interesting and so true.


  21. 03/09/2014 9:29 PM

    I agree with you. I have some very strong opinions about this topic, but mostly it just drives me nuts that people can be so narrow minded when it comes to different body types.

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  22. 03/09/2014 9:42 PM

    I am so glad to see that we have the same opinion abou modelling


  23. 03/09/2014 10:13 PM

    Cool! 🙂



  24. 03/09/2014 11:18 PM

    Love this post so much! So true though, I don’t like to spend that much on clothes either, and well I think I have a pretty decent closet.


  25. 03/09/2014 11:56 PM

    This is a very interesting post. I have zero experience in regards to fashion, hell I can’t even dress myself properly but I do hope all designers will use healthier looking models. With so many eating disorders these days, the last thing the society need is to project more body issues to the young ones.

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  26. 04/09/2014 2:18 AM

    I love that you weren’t afraid to address and give your opinion on such a controversial topic! Well said!

    xx Cara


  27. 04/09/2014 8:31 AM

    This is a hot topic indeed. I think that many models still look unhealty and too thin. Maybe they must be taller and slimmer than average women, but not so much.

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman
    Instagram Bloglovin


  28. 04/09/2014 12:13 PM

    Great post, babe! Thanks for sharing. 🙂



  29. 04/09/2014 2:27 PM

    I totally agree with you, I am not a model by any means but I am between a size 2-4 and when stressed can get lower and people are just nasty. When I am closer to a size 4, they all start screaming that I am getting fat but when I inch close to a 0 am looking emaciated. Humans can be pleased period. Models have the job they have because of their size and that is that. People complain of body shaming only when someone is a size 14 or so but slim people also get body shamed. I know I do sometimes. Right now, am in the phase of “you’re getting fat” lol.


  30. 04/09/2014 5:42 PM

    Totally agree with everything you said!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls


  31. 04/09/2014 11:43 PM

    Great post. Brings up some really interesting points

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  32. 05/09/2014 12:54 AM

    Great post, I appreciate your honesty. I agree with you that the modelling industry has never looked better but I do feel they still have work to do.

    xo, Jackie


  33. 05/09/2014 3:39 AM

    Nice post! Thanks for sharing your views! Love it


  34. 05/09/2014 6:12 AM

    Interesting post! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog darling! xx


  35. 05/09/2014 8:06 AM

    Very interesting post 🙂


  36. 05/09/2014 11:38 AM

    really great post dear!



  37. 05/09/2014 11:42 AM

    I agree with you sweetie
    Very interesting opinion
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage diary Fashion Blog


  38. 05/09/2014 10:03 AM

    So true…. really interesting post!!!!!!!
    Happy friday!!!


  39. 05/09/2014 2:25 PM

    So interesting 🙂


  40. 05/09/2014 2:27 PM

    Definitely a hot button topic. I can see both sides, but i think the important part is that we’re talking about it, therefore acknowledging that it is indeed an issue.

    xx Hélène


  41. 05/09/2014 3:15 PM

    Nice information!


  42. 05/09/2014 3:29 PM

    Interesting post! kisses!


  43. 05/09/2014 1:06 PM

    Really nice post!
    So interesting, but I see these models so skinny..


  44. 05/09/2014 5:26 PM

    A very interesting read. With regards to under 18, i couldn’t agree more.
    Thank you for the visit.



  45. 05/09/2014 5:49 PM

    the industry isnt as harsh as the media makes it out to be. with a right agency, success is healthy and fruitful


  46. 05/09/2014 10:40 PM

    These are points to think, thank you for this post!
    Un abbraccio
    Eva e Valentina the anarCHIC


  47. 06/09/2014 1:00 AM

    so very nice,post interesting
    thanks for your comment darling
    have a nice weekend


  48. 06/09/2014 2:23 AM

    I think the modelling world criteria is fine as it is, as long as models aren’t making themselves unhealthy to do so. If clothing companies want a more average look, they can employ more average people. It’s business! We have no right to criticize.


    • 06/09/2014 4:33 PM

      Agreed 🙂


    • 11/09/2014 11:08 AM

      Ditto that! There are always going to be those girls who have eating disorders and some who even choose to starve themselves to look a certain way. But we can’t make a generalization that this applies to all models.



  49. ThanksToFashion permalink
    06/09/2014 5:37 AM

    Very interesting points and really informative. Thank you for sharing this ❤

    Mahshid مهشید


  50. 06/09/2014 6:57 AM

    You’re quite right… But sometimes those standars can cause irremediable problem if you’re not sure with your body ( like 90% of the teenagers), and I know what I’m talking about. 🙂


  51. 06/09/2014 10:03 AM

    this is really interesting. i also think that gone are the days that models look like clothes hangers.


  52. 06/09/2014 11:52 AM

    Quizás esté a la vez de acuerdo y en desacuerdo. Lo que está claro que la moda es un negocio, y como tal, vende sus productos de la mejor manera que puede o sabe. El problema es cuando ésto raya en la anormalidad, es decir, chicas excesivamente delgadas, casi enfermas.
    Un buen debate!


  53. 06/09/2014 11:58 AM

    Lovely post!


  54. 06/09/2014 12:45 PM

    nice post! 😉


  55. 06/09/2014 12:53 PM

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  56. 06/09/2014 6:14 PM

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  57. 06/09/2014 10:10 PM

    You have such great insights….thanks for sharing and coming up with this interesting post!



  58. 07/09/2014 4:03 AM

    I so totally agree on all the points you’ve made! Especially the one on models not to be aloud to work without the presence of guardian until age 18 and most of all the last bit about career transition… That’s something scary to think about really. Thank you for being sensible and understanding!


  59. 07/09/2014 4:17 AM

    Reblogged this on modeljourney.


  60. 07/09/2014 1:05 PM

    great post! I agree with you! 🙂


  61. 07/09/2014 3:04 PM

    Models have to resort to weird habits in order to stay thin. I should know, I’ve been in the industry. And anyone who says models just have a fast metabolism is full of it or just naive.
    And I did only today see a girl who I though, jeez, she is scarily thin on the cat walk. They may not be 90s heroin-chic but they’re still extremely underweight.


  62. 09/09/2014 10:48 PM

    I am so glad someone wrote about this, and you did it well! I am so annoyed by the criticism brought on to the fashion industry about high end models, and its mainly by people who don’t have a clue, and yet you called out everything that people need to understand before they jump to their conclusions. Good Job!


  63. 11/09/2014 11:06 AM

    Oh Molly. I think you summed it up quite nicely when you said ‘The modeling world is weird.’ I think you make some really valid points.



  64. 23/09/2014 5:06 PM

    This is a fantastic post. Very well written. Designers need to send out clothes in sample sizes in order for them to fit the ‘average’ model who will wear them. I agree with diversity, but at the end of the day, like any business, fashion companies want to make money and they are ensuring that by using the industry standard sizing. As a wise man once said “You can only please some of the people some of the time”.


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